Welcome to Buckingham Education

Our Experience

Buckingham Education was created in partnership with the Independent Schools Cultural Alliance (ISCA). ISCA has been a student travel provider since 1982 and for the past 39 years we have been welcoming students from all over the world to the UK.

We have always valued the importance of life skills, of global interaction and understanding different cultures and we believe that our new online platform with Buckingham Education can equip young people with the skills they need to succeed in a changing world.

“Be Global, Be Creative, Be Prepared, Be Online”

Our Aim

Buckingham Education was founded by Luke and Freya Liddle in 2020 with one ethos: to create high-quality learning courses that promote cultural learning, developing skills and being truly global citizens.

Our courses will develop students’ soft skills which aren’t always covered in the traditional education system. Young people need more opportunities to practice skills such as communication, critical thinking, resilience and global citizenship in their natural environment. These real-world skills will be essential for career success and Buckingham Education will provide the platform for young people all over the world to thrive in the future.

Cultural learning is not just for school students, it is also for adults. Our bespoke adult and teacher courses will allow for virtual cultural exchanges, online travel experiences and a greater understanding of new, vibrant and distinct cultures.