Introduction to England - from 3,000 BC to today

Travel through 5,000 years of history as we show you some of the best sights in England

Course Features

  • 1 hour live session
  • Q&A's with the ISCA Team
  • A global environment
  • 17 July 2021

Who is this for?

This session is for parents, teachers and family who are interested in learning more about English history and culture.

*This session is available in both English and Spanish.

What will you learn?

During this session we will introduce you to some of the best sights in England, but rather than just go through them one-by-one, we want to try and tell you a story that covers 5,000 years of history.

From Neolithic Stonehenge to the Napoleonic Wars, we will tell you about some of the top places you can visit. Most importantly, we will give them context by explaining how each sight is situated in history.

We will visit Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, HMS Victory and Oxford, meeting key historical figures along the way!

What next?

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