Code of conduct

All participants in the sessions are expected to adhere to the following rules and best practices in order to ensure the best possible learning environment.

Preparing for the session
Participants should:
  • Arrive on time for the sessions. Each participant will be admitted to the “waiting room” before being admitted to the session.
  • Ensure the device being used is identified by the participant’s full name, which is the name the course leader will see on the Zoom “waiting room.” Changing your name to something inappropriate is unacceptable.
  • Never enter, or attempt to enter, a Zoom session fraudulently using the name of another participant or course leader.
  • Never share Session meeting IDs with others outside of the class.
  • Ensure they are in an appropriate place in their home.
  • Try to sit in a well-lit position close to the wall to minimise distractions behind them. The background for a Zoom session should be a neutral setting.
  • Be appropriately dressed at all times in clothes that will not unduly distract others.
  • Ensure that other members of their household are aware that the video call is happening.
During the session
Participants should:
  • Have their camera on at all times.
  • Mute their audio whilst not contributing.
  • Communicate politely and responsibly so as not to disturb or interrupt the enjoyment of others.
  • Not use offensive or inappropriate language in any form of communication.
  • Note that the use of any profanity – written, drawn, displayed or spoken – during a meeting is unacceptable and will result in a warning and subsequent removal from the session.
  • Taking screenshots or screen recordings of virtual classrooms without the explicit permission from the teacher and class members is unacceptable.
  • Disruptions to a session may lead to the removal of the participant from a remote learning session for part or the entire session. These removals will be reported to the parents and/or guardians.

Buckingham Education – 16/03/2021