The fine, white beaches, warm azure waters, charming people, fascinating culture, mouth-watering food and incredible natural history makes Barbados a perfect island to get a taste of Caribbean life. Here is a whirlwind tour of some of the best places to go in Barbados – enjoy!


The UNESCO World Heritage-listed capital, Bridgetown, is a perfect spot to buy some souvenirs with lots of places to explore including bespoke jewellery shops, clothing boutiques and farmers markets.

Here you can try some of the famous Bajan culinary delights including the national dish, cou cou, which is cornmeal and fresh okra served with flying fish in a stew-like sauce. You can also try the heartiest comfort food, the macaroni pie, fish bites and fried plantains with a little Bajan pepper sauce – delicious!

The Beaches

Barbados has its fair share of beaches which are very different depending on where you are on the island. On the west coast, you will find the white sandy shores with calm, turquoise waters fit for a cool, gentle swim. On the south and east coast is a lively surf scene with a number of water sports on offer and on the north coast, you will find magnificent clifftops and coves.

Go to Paynes Beach to go snorkelling; Crane Beach for its epic landscape; St Peter’s Bay for some peace and quiet; Mullins Bay if you fancy a beach with a bit more going on; and Bathsheba Beach if you want to go surfing!

Two of the world’s rarest sea creatures make their nests on the beaches of Barbados, the Hawksbill and Leatherback Turtles, so try not to disturb their nests while you are there.

Island Safari

Go on an Island Safari tour to get an introduction into the island’s geography, history and culture. Make sure you ask lots of questions to the local guides who will give you a real insight into Bayan life and show you some of the best places to visit.

Oistin’s Fish Fry

Every Friday, hundreds of tourists and locals gather in the small fishing village of Oistins to see what food they have to offer at the seafood stalls there. Usually there are mountains of freshly grilled tuna, flying fish and swordfish to eat as well as live music and dancing. Enjoy the food and soak up the festival atmosphere!

Hunte’s Garden

This gorgeous garden is one of the most relaxing spots on the island and was designed by the famed local horticulturalist, Anthony Hunte. It has all kinds of plants and shrubs including tall palms and colourful orchids as well as hummingbirds, lizards and monkeys. Walk around this old 17th-century-style garden as you listen to the harmonious birdsong and take in the extravagant colours.

St Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey is a beautifully preserved plantation house which was first built in 1658. It is a great place to get a glimpse of the island’s history through the ages and is also now a rum distillery, so you can find out how this popular drink is made.

Explore some caves

Animal Flower Cave is on the northern tip of the island. Here you can have a soak in one of its pools while overlooking the incredibly dramatic scenery of the wild east coast.

Go on an adventure tour of Harrison’s Cave. Crawl, swim and duck through the cave’s smaller passageways and look out for its underground waterfalls, crystal clear pools, stalagmites and stalactites. You can also learn how Barbados was formed as an island.